Cardinal Cupich Reflects

Cardinal Blase J. Cupich Reflects

Pastoral reflections from Cardinal Blase J. Cupich

Peace be with you

Over my forty years as a priest, people have often raised with me questions related to preparing for death, for themselves or a family member. Such discussions in advance are rich opportunities to grow in faith and can ease the pain when loss comes. Fortunately, we are blessed in the Archdiocese of Chicago with the ever-competent services of the staff of Catholic Cemeteries of Chicago to help us in this regard. Consulting with them in advance of one’s passing has the benefit of relying on solid advice gained over more than a century of experience and which is rooted in our Catholic tradition. One particular question on people’s minds today is making a decision between cremation and a traditional burial. What is the best decision and how does one come to the right one for their family members? While people can in good faith choose cremation, it is important to have available professional, faith-filled and skilled personnel, like those at our cemetery offices, to learn about the benefits of interring in sacred ground those we love. The staff members at Catholic Cemeteries of Chicago stand ready to assist either in advance or, at the time of death, grieving family members who are struggling with decisions, and weighing such options. You can trust that their good advice is always there to serve you.

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