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"Interment Chapels provide for the final religious services in an interior setting free from unfavorable weather conditions"
Interment/Vault Handling Service Fee
The interment of a deceased person requires many ongoing checks and balances to insure that no mistakes occur during this important procedure. These checks and balances are performed by both our Administrative Staff and our Field Staff, before, during and after an interment is made. The actual opening and closing of a grave is actually only a small part of this fee. The fee also provides for many immediate and future services that are requested and expected by our lot holders. The final services at the time of burial that are conducted in the cemetery interment chapel or at the graveside are included in this fee.

Concrete Outer Burial Container
The Catholic Cemeteries require that all caskets be placed in a permanent outer burial container as a protection against future grave settling. The Catholic Cemeteries sell a concrete grave box which is a solid, non-waterproof outer container that meets this requirement. Other outer burial containers that also meet this requirement, may be selected as part of the Catholic Cemeteries Package Plans. Besides the Grave Box (GB), the Catholic Cemeteries' Package Plans offer a Sealed Outer Container (SOC) or a Sealed Lined Vault (SLV). Other outer containers, that also meet this requirement may be obtained through a Funeral Director.

Interment Chapels
All major cemeteries and a few smaller cemeteries have Interment Chapels. These facilities provide for the final religious services in an interior setting free from unfavorable weather conditions. Families have the option of services at the Interment Chapel or services at the grave. Interment Chapel services are at a lower fee because the operational costs are lower.

Monuments and Markers
While burial memorialization is provided for by the Catholic Cemeteries when a family selects graves with a Complete Cemetery Service, Optional Complete Service or a Shared Family Memorial Plan; the Cemeteries do not sell monuments or markers. Other memorials are obtained from commercial memorial dealers. The cemetery's chief role in monuments and markers is to establish regulations concerning quality, placement and content. A monument or marker placed in the Catholic Cemeteries should be reflective of the deceased's belief in the resurrection as well as being a long-term memorial to the deceased. This is done through an application submitted to an individual cemetery office whenever a memorial is placed, which protects all parties involved in the purchase of a memorial.

Multiple Interments
Sometimes a family requests that an additional burial be placed on a lot where an individual grave was not allotted for. The Catholic Cemeteries will attempt to accommodate the family's request by making a multiple interment, the placing of two burials in one grave by digging the grave deeper to accommodate both burials. This requires permission from the lot holder or his / her heirs and the next of kin of the person already interred. Although multiple interments offer the opportunity to continue the use of a family burial place, there are certain limitations on this procedure. Any burial that requires grave excavation greater than six (6) feet in depth is considered a permanent interment and can't be removed at a later date. Soil conditions in various locations and occasional seasonal conditions may not allow for a multiple interment.

Multiple interments are the exception to the rule and should not be counted on in making burial arrangements.

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