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Before a memorial may be placed in the cemetery, a completed application must be presented to the cemetery by the memorialist for approval, together with payment of the appropriate service fees.

All applications should be submitted for approval prior to any work being started on the memorial so that there is no question concerning the acceptance of the memorial. All applications must be submitted for approval prior to delivery.

If the application is approved, the cemetery will issue a receipt covering the payment of the service fees to the memorialist who submitted the application. Upon delivery of a memorial, a visual inspection of the memorial shall be made at the cemetery office before it is taken to the gravesite by the memorialist. All memorials are subject to a final inspection upon setting. Acceptance of the payment indicates approval of the application; however, approval of the memorial is subject to inspection upon delivery. Where the application is not approved, it shall be returned to the memorialist with the reasons for non-acceptance.

Please use the forms below when submitting an Application for a Memorial.
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