Garden Crypt and Niche Decoration Policy

Garden Crypt and Niche Decoration Policy

Garden Crypt and Niche Decoration Policy

The following information is provided as guidelines for cemetery procedures. The Catholic Cemeteries reserves the right to change the following policies and procedures without notice. Please limit decorations to one per crypt or niche.

Natural and Artificial flowers are permitted and must be in approved containers.

Containers must be made of wood or plastic with ample drainage. Flower boxes must not exceed 6" WIDE x 6" LONG x 11" HIGH.

Decorations can only be placed in areas designated for them.

Any items such as metal, crockery, glass or similar materials are not permitted, as they present hazards due to breakage and cause rust stains on the decoration facilities provided. Candles of any kind are not permitted. Special holiday decorations will be removed one week following that holiday. All decoration items should be contained within the approved boxes specified above. Overall height of decorations (including container) should not exceed 30 inches.

Flags are permitted provided they are placed in the approved containers stated in this brochure and conform to the overall height restrictions not to exceed 30 inches (including container). Flags that become tattered, faded or unsightly will be respectfully removed and properly disposed.

Do not tape, attach or affix objects to the fronts of the crypts or niches.

Spring and Fall Major Cemetery Clean Up

March 15th - 31st is used to clean up the Garden Crypt Area and prepare for spring. If you wish to save your decorations, remove them on or before March 14th.
October 15th - 31st is used to clean up the Garden Crypt Area and prepare for fall. If you wish to save your decorations, remove them on or before October 14th.
Please refrain from placing any decorations during these times. All decorations will be removed and disposed.

Garden Crypts and/or Niches are located at the following cemeteries:

Cemetery City Phone Number
All Saints Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleum Des Plaines 847-298-0450
Ascension Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleums Libertyville 847-362-1247
Assumption Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleum Glenwood 708-758-4772
Calvary Catholic Cemetery * Evanston 847-864-3050
Good Shepherd Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleum Orland Park 708-226-9951
Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleums Calumet City 708-862-5398
Holy Sepulchre Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleum Alsip 708-422-3020
Maryhill Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleum Niles 847-823-0982
Queen of Heaven Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleums Hillside 708-449-8300
Resurrection Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleums Justice 708-458-4770
St. Adalbert Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleums Niles 847-647-9845
St. Benedict Catholic Cemetery * Crestwood 773-239-4422
St. Casimir Catholic Cemetery Chicago 773-239-4422
St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleums River Grove 708-453-0184
St. Mary Catholic Cemetery * Lake Forest 847-362-1247
St. Mary Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleums Evergreen Park 708-422-8720
St. Michael The Archangel Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleum Palatine 847-397-3284

* Niches Only

Reverence and Respect

We encourage the placement of decorations. We will be as careful and respectful as possible with our normal interment and maintenance activities. We regret that we are unable to guarantee that all decorations will be free from damage or loss, and we cannot accept responsibility for any unexpected occurrences.

The Catholic Cemetery is a Sacred Place. These sacred grounds are blessed by the Church and dedicated as a place of prayer and dignity for our faithful departed.

We ask your cooperation by visiting your loved ones in a reverent and respectful way. Some behaviors are prohibited because they can disturb the other visitors as well as the sacredness of the cemetery. Picnicking, consuming alcohol, allowing pets to roam free, playing of music for extended periods of time, playing sports in the cemetery and reckless driving are just a few of those types of behaviors that are not permitted.

Please follow these rules of behavior so that all families may feel welcome to visit the Catholic Cemeteries.

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