Artificial Decorations


October 15th thru 31st is used to clean up the grounds and prepare for fall. If you wish to save your decorations, remove them on or before October 14th. Please do not place any decorations during these times. All decorations will be removed and disposed.

Artificial Decorations

For your convenience in remembering your loved ones, the Catholic Cemeteries are pleased to offer to you our artificial decorations for fall and winter. Note: prices include placement by the cemetery staff.

Grave Decorations

Winter Decoration Type A

Type A - $40

Winter Decoration Type B

Type B - $35

Crypt and Niche Decoration

Winter Decoration Type AA

Type AA - $30

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  1. If you would like a decoration placed between two graves, please fill in the special instructions field for the deceased.
  2. Enter the location information pertaining to the deceased to the best of your knowledge. If you are unsure of a particular location item, leave a dash.
  3. Only one decoration per grave/crypt is allowed.
  4. Decorations are not permitted in Indoor Mausoleums.

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Order Summary
Important Information
  • Price includes placement.
  • The cemetery will start placing decorations November 1st.
  • If deceased is in a crypt, decoration will be placed as close as possible.
  • As part of the annual cemetery clean-up program, all decorations will be removed beginning March 15th.
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If you are having trouble completing your payment, please visit our help page for solutions to common problems.

Save the appropriate order form below if you would like the cemetery to place the decoration on the grave or crypt. Once downloaded, print it, fill it out and mail the order form to our Processing Center with a check or money order. The cemetery will start placing decorations November 1st. Decorations are limited to one per grave or crypt.

Decoration for a Crypt or Niche

Crypt Order Form
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Decoration for a Grave

Grave Order Form
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Catholic Cemeteries regret that we can not guarantee decorations from loss or damage. View information regarding our annual cemetery clean-up here.

Learn more about our grave decoration policy here
Learn more about our crypt decoration policy here

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